The Game of Chess

The signal comes
the battle is open
The first moves are the well knowns.
There are long strategic or short thinking beginners.
Who knows who will make the win?

The first stroke was made
The first blood taken,
But who will make the great capture?
Young corporals came out with fresh strategies
Learned carefully and accurate at school.
Some older general who fought only few battles,
Watch just the beginning and wait for their chance.

Here an unexpected move there an elegant offense,
Just the silent sits back and looks for a chance.
And the battle rolls on and goes further.
However the fight is not just on the field,
It also has conversional yield.

It begins with easy sentence
and just carries on, interrupted by cannon-fire.
Then after formalities they come to the sense
and discuss the matter of high desire.
No fight was in there, just asking and learn,
and the teacher a great teacher.
So good that the learner could actually learn
to find its own way back again.

The battle goes harder one side is advanced,
First voices say soon may be over.
But careful or everything might be disglanced
Stay careful in watching the manoever.

The voices grew silent, the figures afraid,
Now waiting the battle goes over.
Each hoping not hurted too much in the fight,
Which hopefully soon shall be over.

The queen steps out for the last attack,
A plan grown on old intuition?
All figures watch out for the last tricky smack,
But the mortal trap closes with conviction.

The king is lost, he cannot escape,
too dense are the enemy's lines
What remains is to capture the flag and to rhyme
The great victory for later times.

       Feb 11 2006, the Butterfly

After a chess party whose discussion was actually the greater win than the capturing of the king.

the Butterfly