The Butterfly

papilodae I've started writing some poems to find a new way to express myself. These are probably not nobel price ones, but enjoy me.

The 8-fold smile

There is the ordinary smile
which everybody should have in a while.
There is the exhaustive laughter
that makes one feel more prosper.
Continue with a small grin
which is not a sin.
We have the ecstatic scream
which feels like a dream.

Then is a retiring smile
occurring in an overworked while.
Further a hidden glimpse
that makes someone's heart rimpse.
One can see the aggressive smile
which brings disgust with a while.
But the last one is your,
when will you pour?

    Feb 13 2006, the Butterfly
in deutsch

A longer one is The Game of Chess.
The next is The Chinese Room about an indirect way of communication.
A bit more sad is the Broken Rose,
But a funny one about a Black Rose.
Further a soft one about the Cat,
and a retiring one about Feierabend.
Later on I translated some German pop song into English

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the Butterfly