Geometry and Topology

The students in my English course asked me to further talk a bit about some particular math topics. One thing they mentioned is topology, so I start with an introductory lecture in topology.

Title: Topology
Place: 214 Science Building, Chang'an Campus, Northwestern Polytechnical University
Time: Thursday 16:00–17:30, occasional changes
Instructor: Melchior Grützmann
Course home page:
Language: English

Apr 19,26, May 3
  • Introduction, (notes extended on Apr 23)
  • connectedness,
  • compactness
  • separation axioms,
  • function spaces
  • dimension theory
Homotopy theoryhomotopic maps, homotopic spaces, fundamental group, difference sphere, torus
futher topics
  • more Homotopy theory (universal cover, groupoid, higher homotopy groups),
  • Homology theory (simplicial complexes, (co)homology, singular homology, cell complexes, applications),

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