English and LaTeX for Mathematicians

Time: Thu 4:00-5:30pm in Spring 2012
Location: Science building Room 214, New Campus, Northwestern Polytechnical University
Instructor: Melchior Gr├╝tzmann, e-mail: x@nwpu.edu.cn, x=grutzmann.
Language: English

This course addresses graduate and Ph.D. students.


Mar 8Introduction
Mar 15&22LaTeX for mathematicians
Mar 22Making presentations with LaTeX
Mar 29Posters with XeLaTeX,
Sample poster from my area,
Structure of a research article
Apr 12Some historical notes
further topics
  • writing skills in mathematics,
  • tips for writing a personal statement

Here is the LaTeX file for the section preparing a presentation with LaTeX. (You will also need the NWPU logo.) Here is my documentclass myposter.cls for designing posters with XeLaTeX. And here is the source for my sample poster from my area of research.

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