Atheist Calendar


5th, 1921: Birthday of Friedrich Dürrenmatt (Swiss Writer)
1932: Birthday of Umberto Eco (Italian Writer, Semiologist)

7th, 1891: Birthday of Zora N. Hurston (US Anthropoligist)

9th, 1908: Birthday of Simone de Beauvoir (French Writer and Philosopher)

15th, 1850: Birthday of Sofia V. Kovalevskaya (Russian mathematician)

23rd, 1862: Birthday of David Hilbert (German mathematician and theoretical physicist),
1907: Birthday of Hideki Yukawa (Japanese theoretical physicist)

27th, 1756: Birthday of W.A. Mozart (Austrian composer)


4th, 1921: Birthday of Betty Naomi Goldstein (US writer and women's right activist)

8th, 1834: Birthday of Dmitri I. Mendeleëv (Russian chemist)
1894: Birthday of Ludwig Marcuse (German philosopher and writer)

12th, 1809: Birthday of Charles Darwin (British biologist)

15th, 1564: Birthday of Galileo Galilei (Italian scientist)

17th, 1903: Birthday of Sadegh Hedayat (Iranian writer and translator)
1781: Birthday of R.T.H. Laennec (French physician)

Inventor of the stethoscope to listen to loung/heart sounds

19th, 1473: Kopernikus' Celebration

In the night before this day N. Kopernikus published his paper “On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres”.


2nd, 1931: Birthday of Michail S. Gorbatshev (Russian politician)

5th, 1871: Birthday of Rosa Luxemburg (Polish ideal Socialist)

10th, 1876: Invention of the Telephone Day

14th, 1879: Birthday of Albert Einstein (German theoretical physicist)

21st: Spring Equinox, Birthday of Jean-Baptiste Fourier (French mathematician and theoretical physicist)

Equal length of day and night

23rd, 1882: Birthday of Emmy Noether (German mathematician and theoretical physicist)

31st, 1596: Birthday of René Descartes (French philosopher and mathematician)


1st: April Fools Day

2nd, 1840: Birthday of Emile Zola (French Writer and journalist)

3rd, 1817: Birthday of Mathilde F. Anneke (US women rights activist and socialist)

7th, 1948: Founding of the World Health Organization

13th, 1949: Birthday of Christopher Hitchens (US philosopher)

22nd, 1724: Birthday of Immanuel Kant (German philospher)

25th, 1849: Birthday of Felix Klein (German mathematician)
1953: Discovery of the DNA (by James D. Watson and Francis H.C. Crick)

26th, 1889: Birthday of Ludwig J.J. Wittgenstein (Austrian Philosopher)

28th, 1906: Birthday of Kurt F. Gödel (Austrian mathematician)

29th, 1854: Henri Poincaré (French mathematician and theoretical physicist)

30th, 1777: Birthday of Carl Friedrich Gauss (German mathematician and physicist)


1st: World Labor Day

4th, 1845: Birthday of William K. Clifford (British mathematician)

8th: Liberation of Nazi Germany Day

2nd Sunday: Mother's Day

12th: Limerick Day

There once was an Englishman Lear,
who noticed while drinking his beer,
that English was not,
poetically hot,
and invented his own kind of cheer.

This day commemorates the birth of Edward Lear, popularizer of the limerick, the only verse form indigenous to the English language.

17th, 1872: Birthday of Betrand Russell (British philosopher)

20th, 1806: Birthday of John Stuart Mill (British philosopher)


1st: Children's day

2nd, 1923: Birthday of Barabara Smoker (British rights activist, president of National Secular Society)

6th, 1906: Birthday of Max A. Zorn (German mathematician)

9th, 1843: Birthday of Bertha von Suttner (first German female journalist)

19th, 1865: End of Slavery in the USA

21st: Solstice

Longest day of the year

28th, 1712: Birthday of Enlightener Jean-Jacques Rosseau (French philosopher)


1st, 1646: Birthday of G. Wilhelm Leibniz (German mathematician and philosopher),
1818: Birthday of Ignac F. Semmelweis (Hungarian physician)

S. discovered that the childbed fever could be avoided when physicians disinfected their hands before visiting the birth station.

7th: Chocolate Day

10th, 1856: Birthday of Nikola Tesla (Croatian electrical engineer)

16th, 1945: Nuclear Disarmament Day

Test of the first nuclear bomb near Los Alamos

17th, 1998: Founding of the International Justice Court (in Rome)

18th, 1918: Birthday of Nelson Mandela

20th, 1822: Birthday of Gregor Mendel (Austrian biologist)
1944: Failed Murder of A. Hitler (leader of Nazi Germany)

28th: Hepatitis Day
1902: Birthday of Karl R. Popper (Austrian Philosopher)


4th, 1890: birthday of Erich Weinert (German writer, satiric and painter)

11th, 1833: birthday of August Ingersoll

Orator who was the first outspoken Agnostic

12th: Perseids shower Day

Peak of the showers of meteorites from the Perseids comet

17th, 1601 or 07: Birthday of Pierre de Fermat (French mathematician)

28th, 1963: Speech of Martin Luther King

Famous speech “I have a Dream” of Matin Luther King in Washingto D.C. for racial equality in the USA


7th, 1915: Birthday of Itou Kuyoshi (Japanese mathematician)

Inventor of the Ito-integral, basis for stochastic processes (e.g. in financial mathematics)

8th: Literacy Day

17th, 1826: Birthday of Bernhard Riemann (German mathematician)

22nd: Fall Equinox

28th, -551: Birthday of Confucius (Chinese politician and philosopher)


2nd: Day of Peace

As A.J. Muste once said: “There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.” What if, just for one day, we could live in peace, working together for common good? What if we did it every day of the year? We might take this day to reflect on war and peace, strife and love, and commit ourselves to finding ways to heal the wounds which keep us fighting.

11th: Coming Out Day

People of all genders and sexual orientations are encouraged to take the next step toward living openly and powerfully in their great diversity.

15th, 1844: Birthday of Friedrich Nietzsche (German philosopher)

19th, 1910: Birthday of Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar (Indian astrophysicist)

25th, 1881: Birthday of Pablo R. Picasso (Spanish painter and sculputurer)

31st: Halloween

As an actor, I know just know how malleable human experience can be if we choose to make it so. We might take this day as an opportunity to put on a different character, trying on another perspective, and of course, to eat our favorite sweets with abandon.


1st, 1919: Birthday of Hermann Bondi (British mathematician and cosmologist)

5th, 1915: Birthday of Alma Kettig (German nazi resistance, labor unionist, peace activist)

7th, 1867: Birthday of Marie Curie (Polish chemist),
1878: Birthday of Lise Meitner (Austrian chemist),
1888: Birthday of Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman (Indian physicist)

21st, 1694: Birthday of Francois-Marie Arouet (Voltaire, French philosopher)

24th, 1632: Birthday of Baruch Spinoza (Dutch philosopher), publishing of Darwin's “On the Origin of Species”

4th Thursday: Thanksgiving

A favorite holiday of American atheists, Thanksgiving represents something truly important: the giving of thanks and appreciation. While we might ideally make everyday our own Thanksgiving, we can take this day to especially reflect on everything we are thankful for.


1st: Begin of the Math Advent Calendar

16th, 1887: Birthday of Johann K.A. Radon (Austrian/Chech mathematician)

17th, 1770: Birthday of L.v. Beethoven (German Composer)

21st: Winter Solstice

Shortest day of the year

25th, 1642: Birthday of Isaac Newton (British Physicist and Mathematician)

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