I did also other travels around the world. The latest big journey is One Month China where I stayed in Eastern and middle China in late Spring 2008. Before that I took Pictures of New York in Spring 2006 as well as Three weeks in Japan (in German) together with a friend in 2003.

3 Months Paris

I'm currently studying at Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris, France. In my free time I'm doing sight seeing in Paris and enjoying la Vie Francaise.

Table of contents

Centre Pompidou
Quartier Latin
Louvre, part 2
Montmartre, Sacre Cœur, and Moulin Rouge
Musée des Arts Asiatiques
Excursion to the Seine in the night
Tour Eiffel
bonus: Lyon

Mon Jan 8th, 2007: Arrival

I arrived via night train. 7:00am in the morning is a bit early to explore Paris. Unfortunately I could not find the Rue P&M Curie on a map. Fortunately the taxi driver knows where it is and after a 10minutes ride I exit the taxi at 11 Rue P&M Curie, for only 10Eur. Later I figure out why I could not find the home page of the IHP in the internet, French Institut is written without a final e. On the home page there is also a description how to reach the IHP. Once in my life I'm the first one in the institute. Soon after 8:30 the secretaries and other travelers arrive.

Sat Jan 13th: Tour Eiffel, Musée des Arts Asiatiques

Tour EiffelToday's plan is la Tour Eiffel and the Museum of Asiatic arts Guimet. I take the metro No.6 to Place Trocadéro. From here one has a good view on the Tour Eiffel (see left). But now capture the tower! After 40minutes queueing up I get into the tower. To the first platform I want to walk. After 5min I have the first great view over Paris. The weather today is cloudy and a little bit windy, but nevertheless a great view. The man at the elevator tells me that I have to walk also to the second level, well then. In between the batteries in my camera die, so I cannot take many pictures. Palais ChaillotOne picture I took is this one of the Palais Chaillot on Place Trocadéro.

The second part of today's tour is the Museum of Asian Art. This museum is based on a collection from M. Guimet. I have already seen a lot of Chinese history in the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Therefore I'll stick to the other exhibitions given there. It starts on the basement with an exhibition about Afghanistan. On the first floor it continues with India and Cambodscha. Further it moves on to Vietnam.

snake head Buddha rides paw Mask golden statue
Dragon head Kavakara Queen Maya Divinus Kuppel with figures

we continue with Indonesia and Thailand. And last but not least there are some extra floors for exhibitions about China. Unfortunately it is already too late to visit them.

Tomorrow Thinh will arrive. There is an exausting conference week ahead of us.

Tue, Jan 15: Excursion to the Seine

Thinh, Adrian, and me do a small excursion in the evening. We walk towards the Seine and take a short visit of Notre Dame. One should come back in the day when one can also climb to the top and take some pictures of Paris as well as the Gargoyls on the roof. We also pass the Latin quarter where Adrian gives a small performance of Tangos in a bar.

Sat, Jan 20: Louvre

La Jacondel'EtéToday's weather is moderate, so I decide to go to a museum. After a long week of mathematics there can be a long day of exhibition. I prefer paintings the most, so I go to the Louvre to see the French painters. The Louvre mainly contains paintings from the 18th and 19th century. Of course Mona Lisa (la jaconde) is an Italian master piece by Leonardo da Vinci.

After 3 hours of viewing and photographing pictures I have enough for today and leave the galeries in the Louvre. Also the outside is a beautiful arrangement. Right off the Louvre there is Arc de Triomphe du Carousel in front of the Tuileries garden. The garden itself is a very green but strictly linear arranged area. It also has some statues (look to the right).
I continue to the west side at the Comedie Francaise and the Palais Royale. Then after a walk in west direction I see the Opera Garnier. It has golden statues on the roof and the interior is also nicely decorated. After returning to the Comedie Francaise I walk in northern direction to Saint Germain l'Auxerrois. Its bells rang in 1572 to massacre the Protestants in the Bartholomeus Night (see the clock tower to the right). Since it is raining in the end, I decide to go home. It was an interesting day in Paris. There is also a second tour to the Louvre.

Sun, Jan 28: Centre Pompidou

Hotel de Ville, night Centre PompidouThis weekend I did it the other way. Saturday I sleept long and mainly stayed at home. Sunday I decided to visit the area around the townshall (Hotel de Ville). One takes the subway RER B four stations from Cité Universitaire, where I live for 580Eur per month.
Along a small road to the church Saint-Merri, which has a nice gargoyle. 50m further and I hit the strange building you can see to the right. Centre Pompidou is the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. This is where I spend the next 4hours. I see all kind of modern art, an exhibition about the motion of pictures, a short report about 13 days of the life of Picasso, and an exhibition about Yves Klein. The photographies on the first floor is where I start. The most interesting pictures are some made with flames. Y. Klein took a flame and touched paper carton. The pictures are in colors orange, brown and black. After 4h watching and walking around I am exausted and look for something for dessert. In the galeries in front of the Centre Pompidou I can find what I have been looking for.

Sat, Feb 3:Montmartre, Sacre Cœur, and Moulin Rouge

Sacre Cœur Moulin RougeAnother open point is Sacre Cœur. So today I went to Montmartre. Sacre Cœur was erected 1877-1923 after surrender in the French-German war and abolition of Parisien commune. It should be a symbol against the sinful life present on the base of Montmartre. From here I walk towards Place du Tertre, where many craftsmen have put up their easel.
Place du TertreI continue at the Museum Montmartre where one can have a small glimpse into the turbulent life here at Montmartre.
Cabaret de la BohemeOn my way I pass at Cabaret de la Boheme. This was famous for its nightlife where many craftsmen like Picasso, Utrillo, or Van Dongen were often seen guests. Finally I go down the hill passing Lapin Agile and Place des Abbesses. Rue Lapin Agile ends next to the famous Moulin Rouge, a mill with red wings. In fact it has never been a mill, but another place for the wild nightlife of Paris. Finally a woman tries to convince me to enter one of the night bars for 20Eur, but I refuse. I'm not Picasso, so maybe these etablissements are not for me.

Sun Feb 4: Second tour to the Louvre

This weekend is the first weekend in February. Therefore today most of the Parisian museums are free. So I have to go to a museum. I decided on a second tour to the Louvre. Last time I have seen paintings, so today I want to see the sculptures. It starts with an exhibition of Italian pieces from the 18th century. Then I pass the Egyptian sculptures. In between some greek pieces.

Relief Pair Kiss Egyptian Feldherr
Lion Head Pokal Vase Mosaic
Pharao Pharao Queen Pharao Gnome Scorpion Sphinx

After a while I also find an exhibition about Iranian art. And another about Islamic art.

Iranian Lion Relief Necklace sitting Woman oil Lamp

The museum closes at six, so at the end I have to hurry.

Sun, Feb 11:Quartier Latin

Musee de Moyen AgePantheonThis Sunday Quartier Latin. The quarter has its name from the many Latin speaking students. I start at Notre Dame and pass the church Saint-Séverin. Then I turn into another museum, Musée de Moyen Age at Hotel de Cluny. There are many wood arts, scultpures as well as triptychs. After two hours I continue passing the Panthéon (to the right) and Saint-Étienne-du-Mont.
jardin des Plantes, Dragon Moschee I pass through many small streets and stop at a bakery to have something for lunch. Then I go to the Institut du Monde Arabe. From the roof (9th floor) one has a great view over Paris. It is a bit cloudy but I can take a picture of Notre-Dame. Then I walk along the Seine passing some sculptures (Musée de la Sculpture en Plein Air) and arrive at the Jardin des Plantes, where I met this funny dragon (to the left). This garden is also strictly rectangular, with long rows, like Tuileries in front of the Louvre. The museum of Nature's History has some parts of the exhibition closed, so I decide to go there another day. Finally I stop at the Moschee (to the right). Then I walk back to the institute and end up at Denfert-Rocherau. I have dinner with some mathematicians in the Quartier Latin. A relaxing day.

Sun, Feb 25th: Marais, the Jewish quarter

Archieves Nationales Destroyed ChurchLast weekend I had to cure my cold. This weekend is another weekend to visit Paris. I decide to visit Marais, the Jewish quarter. The tour starts at the Centre Pompidou, which I have visited on Jan 28th. I pass the Archives Nationales (to the left) and Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature. I further pass the museum Picasso which I have already visited with Adrian and Thinh. Unfortunately I forgot my camera.
Place de Vogeses I continue to the museum Cognacq-Jay and stop at the museum Carnavalet.
Rue Francois Miron There is a big exhibition about French history and rulers and riots in Paris. After two hours I continue the city walk. I cross the Place de Vogeses and Hotel Sully. I continue to the Place de la Bastille, where 1789 the French Revolution took place. The Bastille itself, a prison, has been destroyed during the revolution. I turn into Quai des Célestins and walk along the Seine back to the Hotel de Ville.

Sun, Apr 1: Versailles

This week my parents came to Paris. So we are doing sightseeing together. On this sunny day we go to Versailles. We meet at <RER A&C> at 11 and buy an extra ticket to Versailles Rive Gauche. Unfortunately we first take the train in the wrong direction which also says Versailles, but not chateau (castle). After changing in the right direction there are lot more people in the train. We arrive at Versailles around noon and hundreds of tourists walk the way to the castle. Everything is labelled clearly. At the castle, which indeed is a giant territory with at least three castles we have to queue up with hundreds of other tourists. After one and a half hour we finally get into the castle.

Bed of Luis XIV straight view axisThere are many rooms, each of which decorated slightly different and one half of the rooms for the King, Louis XIV. There are his private rooms and less private rooms. But even the morning ceremony of the king is public. It starts with his nanny and two doctors entering his room and the nanny kissing him awake. Then the doctors rub his body wet from sweating in the night. After this the dresser enter and dress the king. Then there is an official greeting of some of the lords and gentlemen from the court. This means half of the court is bussy every morning getting the king up and greeting him.

The other half of the private rooms are for the queen. After one hour we leave the castle and enter the gardens. It is beautiful weather and so we walk around the artificial lake and through the rectangular alleys. A French garden is always in rectangular shape with precise view axes. Even the bushes do not just grow but are cut in shapes of balls or pyramids. Half past seven we return to the station and leave Versailles. It was an exausting day with so many tourists.

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